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Launch Team Update

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Orbit Church – May Newsletter


You keep hearing us talk about a “pre-launch” team. We are not starting the official “launch team” until the Fall, so we are giving those who feel called time to move out to the Valley, hence the “pre”. We’re so excited to announce this team is up to 16 adults and 11 kids. We’ll continue to introduce the team as they make their move to the Phoenix area and we are so excited to share the news about our newest mover.



Maddy was in the same boat as the rest of us, searching for answers and struggling to lock in on the trajectory God wanted for her. In the midst of her searching, God gave Maddy an urgency to follow His will and not her own.

Maddy's perspective on life took a turn in April 2022. She was in a life-threatening car accident and was life-flighted to Springfield due to an aortic dissection. Once she arrived in Springfield, doctors found the aorta intact. According to the doctors, there were only two possible scenarios: (1) the doctors in Joplin made a mistake or (2) God healed her on the flight to Springfield. Both are possible and both reveal the power of God to turn around a bad situation! It was this life-changing event that shifted Maddy's perspective and enabled her to begin encountering God in a fresh way.

Fast forward to November...Maddy was invited to a young adult small group at Forest Park Church. Pretty soon, she shifted her work schedule and began attending church on Sundays. Then, on February 5 of this year, she showed up at the Orbit Church Interest Social at Forest Park's North Campus. It was there that Maddy began praying about joining our team!

Final Part of the story! In the first week of March, Hanna Rose and Kayleigh Sewell were shopping at a mall in Avondale, AZ. Kayleigh decided to be bold and walk into Sephora to see if there were any open positions. [Keep in mind...Maddy was an Operations Lead at Sephora in Joplin, MO. Up to this point, no full-time job positions were posted in the West Valley.] The sales associate answered Kayleigh with, "We had a full-time Operations Lead position come open yesterday." 🤯🤯

The position was never posted online since six internal candidates were already interviewing for the position. Maddy got an interview AND the job, but (for various reasons) the position was not the right fit. It was a sad day!

However, Maddy received a call back the next day from the same General Manager to connect her with the General Manager at a different Sephora store. She was hired that day with higher pay and more opportunities for career development. Again, that position had not been advertised...God's timing was simply perfect 🙌🏼🙌🏼.

Now, she and Kayleigh are splitting rent on a house along with another team member who will be moving out next month!!

Immeasurably more than we asked.

Immeasurably more than we imagined.



It's not easy to hand over the reins and surrender our desires, dreams and plans to God, but it is worth it to experience the joy of living in God’s will.


The soil in the Valley is rich and people’s hearts are open. A few weeks back, Pastor Matt posted in the Facebook group “What’s Happening in Buckeye” to introduce their family and announce the plan to start Orbit Church in the Buckeye area. This opened the door to several conversations about our vision, our beliefs and our plan to launch Orbit Church in January 2024.

We are excited to announce that (just from that post) we have at least two local families joining our pre-launch team. I’m sure there will be others too, just taking them a little longer 😌.




You all have graciously given over $125,000 already.

We are cash flow positive with monthly recurring gifts totaling $10,239.


We could launch in January 2024 if we were able to secure an additional 5K in monthly commitments. Would you prayerfully consider fulfilling one of the following monthly gift categories?

15 people to give $100/mo

6 people to give $250/mo

2 people to give $500/mo

1 person to give $1,000/mo

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